A UL Student, And Irish Rapper, Creates Garda Tracksuit And It Is Wonderful

I know what you’re thinking, what you’re coming into this article expecting to see. You’re expecting to see an image of tracksuit that has been designed by an Irish rapper to resemble a Garda’s uniform. And ya know what, you couldn’t be blamed for it, as that is very much what this article’s title would’ve led you to believe.

However, I am sorry to have to break it to you that things are not as they seem. The tracksuit that we are all here to witness, and which I am contractually obligated to write, a minimum of 300 words or more about, is actually based on a Garda car. That’s right, it is a tracksuit designed, not to look like a Garda’s uniform, which – given that they are clothes designed to be worn by a human, one would imagine to be a far simpler task to render in tracksuit form, but to look like a car.

The tracksuit has been designed by Limerick rapper, and UL student, MXSE, as part of the promotion for his new EP entitled ‘Throwing Shade’. He wanted to create some sort of recognisible outfit that he could wear to perform in, leading him to conceive of the tracksuit.

MXSE, real name, Mason Roche, said of the tracksuit while speaking to Joe.ie, said of the tracksuit that; “It’s not for sale, at the moment, it’s just a prototype. But there’s been such a positive reaction to it that I’m thinking of mass producing it. I made it to promote the release of my new EP in March and wanted to use two things that don’t really combine, Gardaí and tracksuits.”

Drink in its magnificence, savour the wonder of how profoundly joyous it is to live  in a world where someone has gone to the effort to make a tracksuit that resembles a Garda patrol vehicle. It is essentially a 9 year old’s Halloween costume writ large.

He even managed to get a photograph of himself wearing the tracksuit, squatting beside a Garda patrol car, thanks to some particularly generous Gardaí. “The Gardaí are aware of the tracksuit and were so kind as to let me do a photoshoot in front of one of there squad cars at Henry Street Garda Station,” he said.

Given that the tracksuit is designed to look like a car, and doesn’t use any official Garda logos – instead just having the word ‘GARDA’ emblazoned on it, he is able to avoid any legal issues or accusations of impersonating a Garda.

If this were to go on sale, the streets would be awash with people swanning about in their briefly pristine white tracksuits, with day-glo yellow piping. It would be miraculous, until that is you tried to eat a burger in it and dribbled some sort of difficult to remove mystery burger sauce down yourself and the tracksuit would then be consigned to the back  of the wardrobe. But oh, for those brief few hours…

H/T: Joe.ie

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