Attention Singletons! First Dates Ireland Are Looking For Single People To Be On The Show

With the latest season of one of the greatest television shows/generators of cosmic awkwardness returning to our screens last night, it may seem too early to be talking about the next season of First Dates Ireland. But you’d be wrong. It’s not, because we’re about to do that now.

If you are/know someone who is perfectly willing to potentially jettison all personal dignity in front of the viewing public then oh boy have we got news for you.

Coco Television, the production company behind First Dates Ireland have put out a call for single people to apply for the next season of the show.

All of the information about applying can be found here. So if you’re single and have exhausted the majority of other avenues for finding love then why not hop on the bandwagon and be part of one of Ireland’ most popular television shows.