Fans Of Aladdin Aren’t Impressed With Will Smith’s Version Of The Genie

If you were excited about watching a whole new version of Aladdin you might want to pop your rug back on the floor and check these latest stills from the Disney remake.

Today Entertainment Weekly revealed a behind the scenes look at the latest live-action Disney movie over on their Twitter, including a selection of stills from their upcoming issue which includes the stars of Aladdin.

The biggest shock from the released footage came in the form of the much-loved character genie, originally played by Robin Williams. Although Will Smith, who’s set to play the iconic character, insists the genie will be blue, fans are skeptical and new stills from the movie tell us why.

While the genie takes on human form throughout the original animated classic, the live action version just doesn’t look right without the Genie being CGI or blue. Sure, Will Smith will be hilarious but does he have the ability to morph into a character the way Robin Williams or Eddie Murphy does? We’re starting to have our doubts.

Not only is Murphy playing the Genie sending shivers up our spine, but the entire ensemble also looks like they walked straight off the stage from a pantomime. The actor turned to Twitter to clarify he will be blue throughout the movie but we’re still on edge.

Not only is the Genie not blue but Jafar, the snake-like villain, is rather handsome which doesn’t make any sense in our 90s brain. Jasmine’s not supposed to want to end up with Jafar but we can’t blame the gal if she’s tested:

If you’re concerned you’re alone in this mess, check out just some of the thousands of tweets terrified what’s about to happen to one of Disney’s classics:

A small saving grace will come in the form of Abu, still a cutie pie whose face is rooted in deep concern for his bestie Aladdin:

Disney, please don’t ruin this for all of us. Aladdin is set to be released in May, 2019. Meanwhile, who’s ready for The Return of Mary Poppins?

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