Quiz: Can You Remember The iCarly Theme Song?

While the late ’90s offered us Kenan and Kel, Sister Sister and Sabrina, the noughties was the renaissance of the Nickelodeon channel.

As Told by Ginger, All Grown Up!,  Zoey 101Drake and Josh and iCarly became our noughties go-tos but, unlike the others, iCarly – a show about a young woman who stars in a famous online show, was the prerequisite for our obsession with online personalities and influencers.

At one stage iCarly was the second most watch Nickelodeon show of all time and Carly and Freddie’s relationship was the noughties child’s equivalent to a ’90s child’s Sabrina and Harvey.

The success of the show was massively helped by Miranda Cosgrove who not only played the title character but starred in Nickelodeon’s equally successful Drake and Josh in 2004.

One thing we’ll never forget about iCarly is that iconic opening number. Can you remember it too?:

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