See How You Fare In This Fiendishly Difficult Ireland Themed Quiz

Look, we all know the situation you find yourself in. You’re still reeling from the excesses of pancake Tuesday. You’re lying in bed or on a sofa somewhere, still perilously bloated and feeling generally awful about the grueling pancake-based debauchery you subjected your increasingly feeble body to. You worry that the glut of panfried batter you’ve ingested may have finally eradicated that last brain cell that had somehow survived the calorific trauma you’ve subjected yourself to. And now, to test whether you have well and truly mangled your brains beyond repair, you’ve decided to do a quiz. I applaud you.

Well unfortunately, this quiz is more difficult to handle than a burlap sack full of feral cats. It has a few soft-balls in there, but once you’ve exhausted those, you my friend, are faced with a whole heap of rock. Hard. Balls. Some of these are positively diabolical, not to call out any section in particular *cough* ‘Have A Capital Beginning With ‘D’ *cough*.

We got 29 out of 39, with most of those lost in the aforementioned minefield. See how many you can get.