Stop Right Now: Spice Girls Announce Re-Union Tour

After months of speculation, the Spice Girls have reunited, well, minus fifth member Victoria Beckham.

Mels B & C, Emma, and Geri will go on a UK tour and take their girl power and that Union Jack dress with them.

In a pre-recorded telecast, the foursome jokingly bickered before Lorrain Kelly announced they’ll be going on tour next year.

The tour dates include Manchester (1 June), London (15 June), Sunderland (6 June), Coventry (3 June), Edinburgh (8 June) and Bristol (10 June). With each act having a solo career, we’re interested to see if each member will have a solo slot on tour. Jesse Glynn will be the bands’ support act.

It looks like Victoria Beckham will not join the four members but when the tour expands we can expect more and more surprises and fingers crossed for an Irish date, otherwise, we’re done.

Their last show in Ireland was back in February of 1998 which means it’s twenty years since the group performed on the Emerald Isle.

Tickets go on sale at 10.30 am Saturday 10 November. If there was ever a time for girl power it’s now.

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