The Latest Whatsapp Update Will Be A Nightmare For Fans Of Sexting

Everyone’s guilty of sending a nude during their life but some people are hooked. If you’re mad for the raunchy chats you might want to think twice before sending them, that’s if you don’t want your bits on display for the world to see.

Thanks to WhatsApp’s latest update, version, a notification will screen a video or image you receive which could make for an awkward conversation.

The update means anyone in close proximity to your phone just has to press the notification and a full video or image will be displayed and played on their phone screen for the world to see. The feature will be available to all iPhone users but the update is yet to be included in the Android version.

If you’re trying to keep your private life on private and can’t without a sext, perhaps it’s best to disable those risky notifications. If you’re using Whatsapp on an your iPhone, disable notification settings from your settings. You can thank us later.

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