The Netflix Original Series Everyones Talking About

The Netflix original series You is a psychological thriller based on the bestselling book by Caroline Kepnes of the same name. This dark teen thriller has everyone talking online and is arguably one of the most talked about Netflix original series since Making a Murderer. I myself am guilty of binge-watching the first series in a weekend. Like picking a scab, I couldn’t help running into the next episode to see the next plot twist. For anyone who hasn’t watched it, the basic premise is guy (Joe) meets girl (Beck), guy falls in love with girl, guy stalks and murders anyone who he feels is a bad influence or gets in his way. So what is it about the mediocre series that has captivated (pun intended) audiences?

The biggest talking point has been fans’ sympathies for Joe’s character with some even going as far as defending him because the motive for his actions is out of love for Beck. One of these fans was none other than Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. She was heavily criticised when she took to her Instagram to defend Joe (Penn’s character) stating he wasn’t a stalker, he was just in love. She later backtracked on this statement saying she was only on episode two at the time before the show started to take a seriously dark turn. In her defence, she is just 14 and if you were to watch 10 minutes into the first episode you would think he’s just a guy with a bad case of the feels.

The success of the show has also put Penn Badgely back on the map. Penn originally shot to fame as Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl but has had little commercial success since. Penn himself has been feeling conflicted with this newfound fandom. In an interview with E! Online he stated that personally he was troubled by fans’ reactions to the show. Building on this he said he was really questioning why people like Joe so much and in what world is that a love story. Penn has also been quick to shut down fans on Twitter who sympathise with a murderer.

There are a few things about the series that I found painful viewing, here it goes:

1. Beck- You live on a ground floor New York apartment, why do you not own a set of curtains?

2. Why oh why would anyone risk their life to try rescue a phone that had fallen on some train tracks!?

3. And, finally and probably what grated on me the most, the depiction of female friendship groups. The teen series genre generally isn’t known for showing realistic and positive female friendship groups, but You has to be the worst portrayal of female friendships. It pitted women against each other and portrayed women as spiteful, jealous and calculating.

That being said I’ll tune in for season two even if all my instincts tell me to pick up a book instead.

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