Beyoncé Is Offering Free Life-Time Concert Tickets To Fans Who Go Vegan

Yesterday, Beyoncé announced a new project she’s involved with, that will encourage her biggest fans to go vegan for a chance to win free life-time concert tickets for her and Jay-Z’s concerts.

How much do you love Beyoncé? Are you prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for her? To save the world by going vegan? Well, that’s what Beyoncé wants you to do. You can’t say no to the Queen.

Beyoncé uploaded a picture of the project called GreenPrint, to her Instagram, asking fans to try convert to veganism to be in with a chance to go see her concerts for FREE for the next thirty years.

The organisation, 22 Days Nutrition, have started the project GreenPrint to challenge people to go vegan to show the positive impact eating plant-based meals can have the environment.

Their website contains different facts on veganism, and what affect the amount of plant-based meals you consume instead of meat-based meals have on the environment. For example:

By eating 11 plant-based meals I could have the environmental impact equivalent to 17 trees absorbing harmful gases from the air in a month

In 1 years of eating plant-based meals I could cut enough carbon emissions equivalent to powering 1 shelters in Haiti for a year

In 3 years of eating plant-based meals I could cut enough carbon emissions equivalent to sending 4 trains full of school supplies from Europe to India

Bey is not even asking you to go completely vegan, just to swap some meals for plant-based meals – which many of us probably already do. For example, she just wants you to try being ‘All plants, all the time.’, ‘Plant-based for breakfast’, or even ‘Meatless Mondays’. That’s not that hard!

For a chance to see Jay-Z and Beyoncé at any of their concerts, anywhere in the world, this is definitely worth a try. If not for the environment, do it for Beyoncé!

You can apply here. 


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