Well Known Cork Pub Hire Security To Deal With Students On The Cure

Cork is a great city to be a student, for anyone who is currently living there or even those who have just visited you can all agree the craic is 90. It’s laid back, everyone is friendly and there are pubs and clubs to suit all tastes. It looks like the students of Cork have been hitting the sauce a bit too heavy. One of Cork’s best- known “early houses” has had to hire security to cope with an influx of college students at 7 am.

These early birds or the more likely a scenario all- night partiers looking for the cure is described as a “new phenomenon“. This issue was first raised at a Cork City Joint Policing Committee (JPC). Councillors expressed shock that students had flocked to early house, with queues even forming outside.

The early houses were established to serve people who were working on the docks or coming off shift work so they could enjoy a pint at 7 am when they docked up or to wind down after work. It was never anticipated that a 7 am pint would appeal to drunken students who weren’t quite ready to call it a night or wanted to delay the hangover by hitting the cure.

Cllr John Buttimer (FG) is pushing for the establishment of a multidisciplinary task force to tackle this “scourge” of mass student gatherings linked to college events.

We really need to address this — the same problems come up every year. We need to get a grip on it

In advance of student events meetings are held with Gardai, University Management and student leaders to discuss how to manage them.

So this is an appeal to the students of Cork, please drink responsibly. It would be a travesty if the early house licences were no more. Think of your futures, as you move into your late 20’s and early 30’s your hangovers will get progressively worse and you will need that 7 am pint to set you up for the day.

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