Louis Theroux’s Next Documentary Will Tackle Issues Surrounding Postpartum Psychosis

Louis Theroux’s next documentary will follow the issue of postpartum psychosis as well as other forms of postpartum depression or anxiety that many women experience after and before having a baby.

Louis will meet with women who are going through a tough time with mental health while pregnant, and follow their journey from the hospital to recovery at home. Louis promises to shed some light on this very untalked about issue among new-mothers, that one in five will endure before their child’s first birthday.

With such a high figure of women who experience such issues, it’s shocking how little we hear of it in our everyday lives. Many young mothers feel ashamed to admit that they aren’t feeling the overwhelming love and emotions that are supposed to happen after having a baby, and feel as though there is a harsh stigma circling women who suffer with mental health illnesses.

Louis will delve deep into the lives of these women and the societal issues surrounding it. Focusing on postpartum psychosis, which affects one in every 500 new mothers, Louis hopes to draw attention to the issue that has been so neglected in the past. Symptoms include visual and auditory hallucinations, as well as profoundly irrational and disordered thoughts.

After a strong reaction to Louis’ last documentary ‘The Night In Question’, it seems Louis is willing to tackle all kinds of sensitive topics in his new series of documentaries.

The show will air in May this year on BBC2.

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