15 Of The Best Uniquely Irish Insults

Irish life is known for its cracking humour and how we insult one another is one of Ireland’s best attributes.

Like most countries, Ireland has its own way unique ways of insulting each other and, sometimes, that insult can turn into a term of endearment.

After reading this shockingly good Twitter thread, we couldn’t help but compile some of the best Irish insults of the modern age:

1. He/ She/ I wouldn’t give you the steam off his/her/my piss

Definition: A person who is incredibly scabby or how you feel about someone you greatly dislike.


2. The tide wouldn’t take her out

Definition: An undateable woman.

3. If that fella had brains he’d be dangerous

Definition: If a person who is clumsy was actually intelligent they’d be dangerous.


4. He’s afraid to put his hand in his pocket in case he’d rob himself

Definition: A person who is generally tight with their money.

5. You couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery

Definition: A person who isn’t great at organising small or large events or multitasking.


6. She’s a face on her like a slapped arse.

Definition: An angry person.

7. They’re a few sandwiches short of a picnic

Definition: A strange person.


8. If he was made of chocolate, he’d eat himself.

Definition: A person who is in love with themselves.

9. Neck on her like a jockey’s bollocks.

Definition: A cheeky person.

10. There’s a want in him

Definition: there’s something odd about that man.

11. Scarlet for your ma for having ya

Definition: Someone who is so embarrassed for you they’re embarrassed for your mother for giving birth to you.


12. She wouldn’t spend Christmas

Definition: Someone who is frugal.

13. She’d go down your throat for news

Definition: a gossip.


14.  They’re pure clatty!

Definition: someone who doesn’t wash and is generally untidy and unkept.

15. They’re all fur coat and no knickers!

Definition: Someone who’s all talk but no action or pretends to be classy but really isn’t.