9 Unpopular Opinions About Ireland We Kind Of Agree With

A land full of poets, stews, turf and Daniel O’ Donnell, Ireland is a sacred place. What other country gave us The Morbegs, Theresa Mannion or a stone that people kiss? While Ireland might be officially the greatest country in the world, there are a few grey areas we need to clear up:

1. The Weather

Yes, we might need to carry around scarfs, jackets, umbrellas and shorts and sunscreen all at the same time throughout every season but how often does a tsunami hit Ireland? Do we build hurricane shelters? Should we? Maybe.


2. The Rose Of Tralee

Look, it be keeping Tralee tourist board afloat but that doesn’t mean it needs to televised to the rest of the country.

3. Leo Varadkar

He might be part of Fine Gael but he’s doing his best to represent new woke Ireland.


4. The Irish Abroad

We love being Irish but sometimes we do tend to tell everyone/ visit any Irish bar with a shamrock hanging from its sign.


5. The Eurovision

Ireland hasn’t been doing the may west when it comes to Eurovision since the ’90s but let’s not forget who won seven times. Say their names: Dana, Linda Martin, Jonny Logan, Niamh Kavanagh, Eimear Quinn, Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan.

6. The Truth about Crisps

Whether you or not you call all crisps Tayto, actual Tayto can be a little disappointing sometimes.


7. The Irish rap scene

Irish accents just don’t translate through rap unless you’re The Rubberbandits.


8. The Lads

Hit us with another term of endearment to use and we’ll be ready to drop ‘lads’ like a tonne of bricks.


9. We’re Blessed to be Irish

We might complain about the weather and the poor public transport but all in all we’re fairly blessed. 90% of the time we feel safe walking down most streets and we climbed out that recession fairly swiftly. We’re actually kinda deadly.


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