Disney Have Released A ’90s Throwback Collection And We’re Crying With Happiness

Nostalgic feels can really make or break a day; make if they bring happy moments flooding back into your life or break if you realise you’re now ancient.

Today is one of those good days as Disney have relaunched their ’90s renaissance classics in stunning merchandise form. Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Goofy, and The Lion King are are just some of the ’90s Disney renaissance classics getting their own line of merch.

Here are just some of the magical bits available from the Oh My Disney range:

Hercules Mugs

Disney VHS Journals

Goofy Movie Sweatshirt

Clutch Bag

Multi-Coloured Pens

The Lion King Desk Clock

The US collection includes VHS keychains, Hercules pyjamas, and a Goofy lunch box so fingers crossed they get added to European stores soon.

The throwback collection is available from Disney stores now and the full collection is available to order online.