Irish EuroMillions Winner Advised To “Take Their Time and Stay Calm”

This morning an Irish person in waking up €175 million richer. €175 million richer, I would have to pinch myself a few times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. This is a record-breaking payout, the biggest payout in the National Lottery’s 31 year history

There has been a lot of specialisation around who is the lucky winner and where the winning ticket was bought. National Lottery CEO, Dermot Griffin spoke to RTE Morning Ireland this morning and stated that the shop that sold the winning ticket will not be revealed for a few days.

With such a big win we have procedures to go through but we will reveal the winning location as soon as we can

Griffin also advised for the winner to take their time to process the big win and to stay calm. Stay calm, sure half the country is frantically checking their euro millions tickets to see if they are the lucky winners. The winning numbers drawn were 1,8, 18,19, 39, with the lucky stars being 7 and 9. If these numbers ring a bell, you lucky individual you. The lucky ticket holder is being advised to sign the back of the ticket, keep it safe and to get in touch with the National Lottery as soon as possible.



Griffin also advised the lucky winner to seek good independent legal and financial advice and to get in touch with the National Lottery for impartial advice on the advantages and disadvantages of going public. If it was me, which unfortunately it isn’t, I would be on the first plane of out of here to the Caribbean to lie on a beach and contemplate how to squander my millions. Don’t get me wrong I would spend some of it wisely but with that amount of money, you could afford to be reckless with a million or two.

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