Irish Rail To Ban Alcohol On A Number Of Train Routes

Irish Rail is banning people from drinking alcohol on some of its routes from next week.

Due to antisocial behaviour connect to excessive alcohol consumption, the ban will come into effect on October 12 and will be enforced every Friday.

The ban will come into effect for trains departing Heuston Station to Galway from 11:25, 13:25 and 15:35; as well as the 14:45 train from Heuston to Westport.

No alcohol will be sold by catering staff on the carriages and customers will have their alcohol confiscated.  A spokesperson for Iarnród Éireann revealed that large groups are usually the problem:

The vast majority of customers who wish to enjoy an alcoholic beverage on-board our services do so without impacting in anyway on their fellow passengers, but unfortunately there is a minority that do overindulge, particularly those travelling in large groups, who can disrupt others in a negative way. There have been high volumes of complaints of such behaviour on these services so we have taken the decision to ban all alcohol from them.