Penneys Latest Harry Potter Collection Is A Must For Diehard Fans

Every week Penneys release another must have collection but this one has truly stolen our muggle hearts.

While we found the Hedwig duvet covers to be charming, it’s the latest collection that will leave diehard fans drooling at the mouth. Not only does the collection include Hogwarts inspired stationery, but HP memorabilia collectors will also love Primark’s attention to the smaller details of the wizarding world like the Marauders Map and the Knight Bus.

Here are just some of the latest pieces from Penneys Wizarding World collection:

Knight Bus Money Box – €9

Bertiebotts Moneybank – €9

Marauders Map Candle – €9Hogwarts House Candles – €7

HP Heat Changing Mug Black – €6

Harry Potter Winter Set – €16


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