Ryanair Flight Unable To Land, Just One Of Thousands Of Terrifying Storm Ali Tweets

55,000 people are without electricity as Storm Ali rages on and the storm has already resulted in the death of one woman. While it’s been an eventful day for thousands of commuters, workers, and students around the country, we can all agree on one thing: why wasn’t Storm Ali given a red alert weather warning?

Last year thousands questioned the red weather warning issued for Storm Ophelia, seeing it as more of an excuse to have a bed day rather than a national crisis – though given that the majority of these critics were in Dublin, which was the county least affected by the storm, their complaints felt somewhat inconsiderate. Today however, the east coast has been taking a battering along with the rest of the country.

Up and down the country people have been sharing their experiences of Storm Ali and even the National Ploughing Championships has been closed for the day. One Twitter shared footage of a Ryanair flight unable to land during the peak of the 130km gusts of wind:


Hit back the storm last night, the West of Ireland is facing considerable damage and is the worst effected by Storm Ali.


A portion of the roof in the staff cafeteria at St. Vincent’s University Hospital collapsed due to Ali’s strong winds. The cafeteria was evacuated and will reopen at 12 noon.

The roof on an apartment block in Clongriffin was visibly distressed and lifting during the storm this morning.

Bizarrely, as the storm raged,  a man in a hi-vis jacket could be seen using a leaf blower.