#ThisNotConsent Trends On Twitter As Rallies Take Place Across Country

With the chant “clothes are not consent”, thousands of people took the streets of Ireland to protest a recent Cork trial where the defending barrister contended that the fact that 17 year-old complainants choice of underwear be factored into the jury’s thinking as to whether she gave consent.

Hundreds took to the streets of Cork, O’Connell Street in Dublin and Limerick waving underwear and signs that read #thisisnotconsent. A washing line of thongs was spread across the Spire.

TD Ruth Coppinger, who raised her underwear in the Dáil on Tuesday to discuss the issue with evidence during rape trials, shared on Twitter that her display of solidarity forced cameras to cut away from her. The TD again showed a thong, this time to the crowds at Dublin’s Spire and noted that evidence such as fake tan and contraception has previously been used as evidence in trials:

Students joined the Union of Students Ireland at the rally. Speaking to Trinity News, Coppinger said the aim is to build momentum for a strike on International Women’s Day in 2019 and believes students are in a “strong position” as they can organise that together.

Further protests and rallies are planned in the coming days and weeks.

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