Twitter Reacts To RTÉ DJ Calling For ‘Fairytale Of New York’ To Be Censored

The Pogues and Kirstie McCall’s song ‘Fairytale of New York’ was voted the greatest Christmas songs of all time in 2017 and remains a staple in Irish households but one part of the song remains a contentious issue – the word ‘faggot’.

Eoin McDermott, an RTÉ DJ, shared his thoughts about the song on Twitter and the impact it has on his gay colleagues. In a series of tweets the radio presenter openly spoke about why he thinks the song needs to censored:

The internet is divided by the lyrics of the song. One side is calling it a move by ‘snowflakes’ and the ‘thought police’ to censor a classic and the other sees it as a reminder of homophobic attitudes:


A number of tweets note the songs original intention of the word ‘faggot’ as a term coined by scousers to describe a lazy person and not the homophobic slur:

While the song remains uncensored on Irish radio, the BBC has censored out the songs use of ‘slut’ and ‘faggot’ to “avoid offence”.