Two Dublin Restaurants Make List Of 50 Best Burgers In Europe

Is there really anything more satisfying than a good burger. The delicious bread bun sandwiching juicy meat, topped with crisp salad, lashing of the sauce of your choosing and to top it off washed down with a cold beer. The ultimate guilty pleasure.

So with so some many options for a great burger in Dublin, which two restaurants made this prestigious list of 50 best burgers in Europe. Drumroll, please… in at number seven on the list of 50 Best Burgers in Europe is Bunsen.

The second popular Dublin eatery to make the list was WowBurger in Dublin which was in at number 38 on the list.

Big 7 Travel provides city guides for travels to keep them informed with the most important information like where to buy the best burgers. Votes for ‘The 50 Best Burgers in Europe’ were cast in a poll of Big 7 readers across a 1.5 million community on social media and a panel of food experts.

The title for the best goes to Burger and Beyond in London which the Big 7 label as “simple, tasty and perfect”.

I am wondering and I’m sure it has crossed everyone’s mind with only 36 days until Brexit, will they have to give up the title of best burger in Europe?

This post has been heavily focused on the meat eaters of Ireland. So for you vegetarians out there, here is my top pick for the best vegetarian burger in Dublin. Happy Food by YogaHub based in Camden Court offers delicious plant-based burgers suitable for vegans and vegetarians or if you’re simply in the mood for a healthy alternative.