Watch: Love Island Contestant Praised For Testicle Check Live On This Morning

It’s not every day that the privacy of a doctor’s office is shown on the telly but when it is you can expect a mixed reaction from the general public.

Chris Hughes, who appeared on the second series of ITV’s Love Island, took part in a live testicular examination on This Morning with Dr. Chris Steele.

Presenter Rochelle Welsh praised Hughes for being so vulnerable and called him “brave”. Although the contestant received praise from viewers online, some just couldn’t handle the entire package:

The contestant got involved in the live check after experiencing issues with his testicles in his early twenties and his cousin’s battle with testicular cancer. According to recent studies, 62% of men don’t know how to check their testicles.

Dr. Steele encouraged any man who finds a lump to visit their GP immediately. Between 95-97% of testicular cancer cases are curable. Click here to watch the full clip.

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