5 Reasons Students Should Consider Fresh Student Living In Brickworks

Most people will agree that your living situation can heavily impact your overall college experience. Whether you are leaving home for the first time and moving to a new and unfamiliar city or returning to college to continue your study having a comfortable home away from home is paramount. Let’s face it, more time will be spent either studying or watching Netflix in your room with housemates than attending lectures. That is until deadlines come around and the library becomes your new home.

With spring in the air, summer is just around the corner and soon enough we will be embarking on the new academic year. This year, make sure you don’t leave selecting your accommodation to the last minute and avoid getting caught up in the housing hysteria. Or worse again end up living with your Great Aunt Nora whom you have never met but happens to have a spare room in Dublin.

Fresh Student Living has some great housing options for anyone studying in Dublin. Opening in September, the brilliant new Brickworks student accommodation building will offer a stunning selection of en-suite single rooms and twin rooms in an ideal Dublin city centre location, plus a roof terrace, gym and study areas. To help with your decision and save you from your Great Aunt Nora we have compiled a list of five reasons why students should consider Fresh Student Living in Brickworks for this academic year.

1) Location, Location, Location

Brickfield Lane, Dublin 8 is a prime bit of real estate in Dublin. Its central location has great links to public transport with a bus stop situated right outside the door with a Luas stop within walking distance. This impressive location means its an easy commute to all the main colleges and is within spitting distance of the National College of Art and Design, as well as being a short 8 minute bus journey to DIT Aungier Street/Kevin Street Campus and 13 minutes bus journey to Trinity College Dublin. There are also numerous convenient direct bus routes to DCU and UCD.


2) Modern, Trendy Interior

Despite the price of rent being the same as other student accommodation providers in Dublin, Brickworks is among the most luxurious. Also, as it’s new for this academic year, you have the advantage of being the first people to live in the accommodation. Each apartment is specially designed for the comfort of students with study spaces, a large communal living area and kitchen space all styled with a modern, trendy decor. Have a look for yourself here.

3) A Stone’s Throw From All The Best Nightlife

Brickworks is in the absolute perfect location for experiencing the best of what Dublin has to offer from a cultural and entertainment perspective. The magic of Dame Street and Georges Street is just a short stroll away. All the cool restaurants, all the brilliant city centre pubs, all of the nightlife that make Dublin one of the most vibrant cities in Europe for university students is literally at your doorstep. For the big nights out Brickworks is less than a 10 minute taxi to Camden Street and Harcourt Street, Dublin’s go-to spot for all the best bars, to suit all tastes. Finally, if you want a little break from town, Smithfield with its fantastic selection of bars, restaurants, cafes and vintages shops and home to The Lighthouse Cinema, one of Dublin’s best movie theatres, is just a twenty-minute walk away. Where else would you get it?

4) All-Inclusive Bills

One of the biggest perks of student accommodation is all-inclusive bills. Ireland is known for its cold winters so the last thing you want to be worrying about are sky-high heating bills come January. Brickworks offers a wide range of room types to suit all living requirements and budgets. There’s twin en suite, classic single en suite and premium single en suite for those in need of some extra space. PLUS, all single rooms come with small double beds! The rooms range from €215 to €275 per week with all bills included. View the full range of prices here.

5) An Amazing Early Bird Booking Offer

So, if what you’ve heard so far is appealing to you, then there’s one last incentive to moving into Fresh Student Living in Brickworks for this academic year. Fresh Student Living are offering €200 off your rent if you act quickly. So get in quick and book with Fresh Student Living through the online booking form here.

Or to find out more information on Fresh Student Living in Brickworks call +353 (85) 853 1902 or visit the website here.