Deadline Is Soon For 2018 Graduates To Apply For Grad Visa To The USA

Are you a recent graduate who is considering travelling and working in another country? Now is the time to act.

Time is running out for 2018 graduates to go to the USA on the one year Grad Visa.

It is commonly known that an Irish passport is one of the best passports to have. We are lucky enough to have Europe on our doorstep, we have an open and friendly nature which helps to make lots of new friends along the way and the curiosity to see the world. Travel was made for the Irish.

Irish passport holders have a lot of different options available to them to live and work in different countries. Compared to some other countries, for the US the work visa options open to us are more restrictive. Apart from the J1 Summer work and travel visa, we’re so familiar with, there is just one other option to spend any significant amount of time working in the USA which is the 1 Year Graduate USA Visa.

Grad Visa To The USA

The 1 Year Graduate USA Visa programme allows third level graduates and students the opportunity to spend one year working and travelling in the US. It is important to mention that all participants of this visa must activate their visa within 12 months of finishing college. 

Once your visa has been approved and you have arrived in the US you have 90 days to secure a job. The job needs to be related to your field of study. This may sound daunting, your first graduate job in fast paced bustle of the American dream. American work experience is considered the most revered among employers. When you do eventually come back to Ireland to seek employment you will find having this experience on your CV will give you a competitive edge. It will also make for a great talking point during interviews and make you a memorable candidate.

Time is running out for 2018 graduates to avail of this life changing opportunity. The deadline for 2018 Graduates is March 31st this year. Traditionally, graduates were eligible for this visa for up to one year after they graduated. However, the terms of the visa have changed and subsequently so has the deadline. The deadline now is one year from the end of your coursework (usually May for most Universities). It takes up to 6 weeks to process the visa so it must be secured before that point. To guarantee your eligibility for the visa you must apply by to USIT by March 31st. 

If your heart is set on working in the hustle and bustle of the big Apple then don’t miss out, start your application today.

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