10 Red Flag Moments On Netflix True Crime Series Dirty John

This morning it was announced that a second season for the Netflix True Crime Series Dirty John is in the works. The true crime series is based on on a well-known podcast of the same name based on the life of John Meehan, a con artist and sociopath.

When watching the series, there are a number of immediate red flag moments that stand out.

Here’s the top 10 red flag moment from the series that have you shouting “Run Deborah Run” at your TV screens.

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched it look away now.

Red Flag 1) The First Date:

So it could have been a very short series if it all ended after the first red flag. The date goes much better than all of her previous dates with men she has met online. There’s a good flow of conversation, he’s charming and shows a genuine interest in her. At the end of the night, Deborah invites John in for a nightcap. Straight away john makes himself at home and lies on her bed assuming that’s where the date his going. She politely asks him to leave and his reaction, red flag number one.

Red Flag 2) When Your Daughter’s Keep Warning You About The Man You’re Dating:

Sure your family can be the worst critics but sometimes it worth taking on board their views.


Red Flag 3) When Deborah Buys A House For The Two Of Them After Only A Few Weeks:

Why, oh why! Sure Deborah’s living situation, co-habiting with her very opinionated adult daughter, isn’t ideal, but, good god, buying a house and sharing it with a man you’ve only known for weeks? I’ve had food in my fridge longer than that.


Red Flag 4) Getting Married After Only A Few Weeks:

What’s the rush!? How well do you know a person after a few weeks.


Red Flag 5) That Weird Scene Where Someone Is In Their House:

Okay, it’s strange. You’re in your walk-in wardrobe picking out which designer bag to wear today and a girl that looks like she stepped out of the well in The Ring is walking towards you. Still that’s no excuse to pin said girl to the bed and start punching her, Red Flag 5.


Red Flag 6) When Deborah Picks Up John’s Mail And He Flips Out:

Again a clear red flag that this man has an anger problem. John’s defence is he has a short temper due to his Italian heritage.

Red Flag 7) His Reaction After The Mere Mention Of A Post-Nup:

This is the point when Dirty John really starts to show his true colours. This is a man that is purely after money.


Red Flag 8) When He Questions Her On Her Whereabouts:

Red flag number 8, the scene where he gets a text of Deborah’s whereabouts and when he questions her about cash withdrawals of her own money.

Red Flag 9) Women’s Reactions When They Hear The Mention Of His Name:

In more than one scene it shows women stopping cold at the mention of his name, red flag 9.

Red Flag 10) The Ending:

Here’s the moment the daughters can really say ‘I told you so’. Definite red flag, still, I’m not sure anyone saw that ending coming!