5 Netflix Documentaries To Watch That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

Halloween is just around the corner but instead of focusing on Halloween fictional classics why not turn to real-life stories.

If you fancy sleeping with the lights on until November, try out some of these Netflix offerings that involve an asylum, cults and human trafficking:

1) Deprogrammed (2015)

Ever wondered how those who leave cults cope after being brainwashed? Deprogrammed analyses the technique of deprogramming which claims to assist an individual to change their religious or social belief and it’s typically inflicted on people in cults.

A psychological exorcism, the technique usually involves the individual being locked up and physically restrained only to undergo hundreds of verbal attacks until they ready to disown the cult.

2. Cropsey (2009)

Based on a story about the boogeyman, a team of researchers tries to figure out how an urban legend about a child murderer helped keep a town’s shocking secret under wraps. The truth can sometimes be too hard to swallow.

3. Killer Legends (2014)

Created by the same team who filmed Cropsey, Killer Legends dissects real-life crimes that have transformed into urban legends. It turns out fact is much more terrifying than fiction as the team research poisoned candy and a mass murderer who preys on young couples.

4. Rotten (2018)

What’s more terrifying than a serial killer? Discovering exactly what is it you’re eating, that’s what. Rotten is a six-episode series that focuses on the ‘fresh’ food we’re supplied with every day and the rotten consequences of it. Not only will each episode deal with different food sections, but the corruption behind each industry is also shocking.

5. I Am Jane Doe (2017)

Narrated by Jessica Chastain, a group of women wage a legal battle against a website that trafficked a number of teenage girls. With a score of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, you don’t want to miss this.