9 Big Brother Moments That Made Us Die With Laughter

After years of drama, trauma, and controversy, Big Brother has been finally given the axe.

With low ratings and competition from streaming services and shows like Love Island, Big Brother has never won back the millions of viewers it held at one time during the noughties. While the show moved from Channel 4 to Channel 5, the introduction of Emma Willis as a new host and a revamp of the formula weren’t enough to get Big Brother past its sell-by date.

One element of the show that remained throughout its reign, 19 civilian Big Brothers and 22 Celebrity Big Brothers, was its candid humour. You never knew what accidental moment would leave us screeching with laughter and here are just nine of them:

1) “David’s Dead”:

One moment that will go down in Big Brother history as a defining moment of the show is the “David’s dead” scene. After Angie, David Bowie’s ex, was informed that David Bowie had passed away she shared the news with Tiffany. Tiffany, not realising that she was talking about David Bowie, was convinced Angie’s talking about fellow housemate David Gest. Cue chaos:

2) Nikki Grahame Rants:

Nobody could serve a tantrum like Nikki Grahame. She’s appeared in more episodes of Big Brother than any other contestant so we know exactly who she is:

3) The Jacuzzi Pregnancy:

After a night of passion with Anthony in the jacuzzi back in 2005, Makosi was convinced she fell pregnant and dreamt of how their child would look when chatting to Big Brother in the diary room. While the contestant was begging for a pregnancy test, Anthony knew the pair hadn’t gone the whole way and it made for hilarious and uncomfortable viewing.

4) Nadia and the deckchair

We promise you – the more you watch this clip, the funnier it gets.

5) Ben singing Journey

6) Gemma Collins And Her Little Pony:

It wasn’t just the GC’s obsession with a Shetland that had us in tears, the TOWIE regular finding out she wasn’t pregnant had everyone in stitches.

7) Brian Stubs His Toe:

The Kildare native is the only contestant to win Big Brother twice and with moves like this it’s easy to see why:

8) The Wine Bottle:

Nobody knew whether to laugh or cry when Kinga decided to place that wine bottle in her lower regions. It’s an infamous moment she has never lived down.

9) Kim Woodburn:

Life was created when Kim Woodburn gave us one-liner after one-liner during her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. We never knew just how many ways you could insult somebody.