A Netflix Documentary Will Expose The Bizarre Events Of Fyre Festival

What happens when you spend all your money on a luxurious island festival that never happens? Absolute chaos is what.

Paying $12,000 to attend the FYRE festival, festival-goers were treated to an insane experience unlikely anything they imagined and, of course, Netflix had to make a documentary about it.

Dubbed a post-apocalyptic event by festival goers, the Fyre Festival took place in May 2017 and was sold to rich punters as a once in a lifetime experience by social media stars paid to promote the event. After arriving at the festival, the attendees listened to a local band for hours, after being promised the best musical acts in the world, slept in tents with wet mattresses, ate salad and crackers and were left without portaloos, fresh water and security.

The festival was co-organised by rapper Ja Rule and its promised line-up included Migos, Desiigner, Blink-182 and Disclosure. After failing to provide attendees with music, activities that included yoga, treasure hunts, massages, and basic supplies, FYRE Media released this statement:

Taking place off the coast of New York, attendees were warned that the festival was a “cashless” and “cardless” event and advised to upload cash onto a digital wristband. 40% of the money was used to pay off a loan by Billy McFarland, the promoter and owner of FYRE Media.

Accused of scamming festival goers, Billy McFarland was charged with wire fraud in Manhattan and was recently sentenced to six years in prison.

FYRE will be available to stream from January 18.

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