Aaron Carter On Leaving NeverLand Documentary: “Stomping On A Legend’s Grave”

Aaron Carter, who is now 31 years of age, has slammed Leaving Neverland claiming that the allegations made against Michael Jackson are false. Aaron Carter was close to Michael Jackson when he was young and also stayed with him in Neverland and has said he’s been offered a six figure sum for interviews since the documentary was released.

Wade Robson and Jame Safechuck, who were involved in the Leaving Neverland Documentary, have spoken out about their experience with Michael, and their secret relationship that lasted for years during their childhood, but many fans and family of Michael are denying that these accusations have any truth, including Aaron Carter.

Aaron Carter, in a video for TMZ, has been adamant about the fact that his relationship with Michael when he was growing up was “gentle, beautiful, loving and embracing”, and had never experienced what Robson and Safechuck have claimed.

In the video, Carter questioned why neither of the men made any accusations before Michael’s death, and why they testified under oath during the trial that Michael was innocent. He pressed on the fact that Michael had done so much for both of them during their young careers, and asked why they only came out with the claims after Michael had passed.

“You’re a grown man, and when Michael Jackson was alive, you are backing him, you are up his a**, you are kissing his a**, you are there to testify for him under oath, and then when he dies, you decide that’s a good time to come out? No, what you’re doing is, you’re actually stomping on an icon and a legend’s grave – you’re stomping his grave.”

“Why not do it when he was alive? Why not do it when he was being accused of all of these molestation charges. Why not do it then and actually indict a perpetrator?”

When asked if he thought that it could be at all possible that these things happened, Carter replied; “Not based upon my experience”.

Carter doesn’t seem convinced that how the documentary has impacted people’s opinions on Michael Jackson around the world is fair and has said he is “disappointed” in Wade.

“You lucky I got something to lose now, because I would punch you in your face – I would, because what you’re doing is stomping on someone’s grave who taught you things.”

You can watch the full interview with Aaron Carter below.

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