Couple From Distracted Boyfriend Meme Used In Government Ads In Hungry

Ah, the dangers of using stock images. The Hungarian government recently ran a pro-family campaign to encourage people to settle down and have a family as part of a proposed “family protection action plan”. The proposed plan sets out measures to make Hungarian women with four or more children exempt from income tax for life.

The objective of this billboard was to portray a happy couple that is the picture of marital bliss for couples to aspire to. Little did they know the copyright free stock image they used of a happy couple cuddling is also the couple from the distracted boyfriend meme, anything but the depiction of marital bliss they were trying to portray.

People were quick to take to Twitter to highlight this epic fail.

The distracted boyfriend meme went viral and was on everyone’s social media feeds in 2017 and still makes an appearance every now and then. The image shows a couple walking down the street and the boyfriend turning back to check out another woman, much to the girlfriend’s disapproval. People have taken the image creating memes morphing the couple and the “other woman” into anything they desire. It’s hard to believe that this was overlooked.

Here are just a few distracted boyfriends memes, which have apparently never been seen by any member of the Hungarian government.