Derry Girls Creator Said She Would Love A Derry Girls Film

There’s only one week to go until Derry Girls Season Two will be aired on Channel 4 and to say we’re excited about its return is an understatement. Since its release in early 2018, the Channel 4 show has been a runaway success. Late last year the first season of the show was added to Netflix, opening it up to global audiences in Canada, Australia and the US. Similarly to the UK and Irish audience, Derry Girls received similarly glowing reviews from viewers and critics abroad to those it got from UK and Irish audiences, so, it’s not surprising to hear talk of Derry Girls hitting the silver screen.

The first hint of the hit show hitting the silver screen was last year. In an interview with Today FM, Tommy Tiernan, who plays Da on the show, let the cat out of the bag. When asked about finishing up season two and what’s in store for in store for the future of the series, Tiernan said:

We finished filming the second series (of Derry Girls) last Friday so that’ll go out in March. We’re doing season three and then a film maybe.

Now the show creator and writer Lisa McGee said she would ‘love’ a film version of the hit TV show. At a recent BAFTA screening of series two, she said the following:

“I would love to… I think! The 90-minute thing sort of terrifies me, but I’m sure if I could find a structure and a story that worked, yeah, I’d love to give it a crack.

In the interview, Lisa also stated that she had an endpoint in mind for the show that she would like to get in her story of teens living through the Troubles.

I’ve sort of always thought I’d try and follow [a] big political, broad story, from one point to… the point where I’d like to take it,” she hinted. “The gang would stay around that age, or a year or two older.

So if you haven’t watched Derry Girls, well first of all what have you been doing with your time? And, here’s a short synopsis for you. Derry Girls centers on a group of Northern Irish students, their families and their community who live through the troubles of ’90s Derry. It’s full of 90’s nostalgia, quick wit and brilliant one-liners. What has made Derry Girls one of the best shows to grace our screens is its very real depiction of what was like to grow up Derry during the troubles.

Nicola Coughlan who plays Claire shared some sort clips with her Twitter followers

Don’t forget, the girls (and boy) are back on our screens Tuesday, March 5th 9.15pm.