Line-Ups For Graham Norton Show And Late Late Show Make For Perfect Friday Night In

There are celebrities who have got something to promote, and they will not rest until word of their new project has reached you. They are on the hunt, prowling the land to find any sofa, situated within spitting distance of anyone who could reasonably be considered to be a host, so they can plonk themselves down on it and begin spouting light-hearted anecdotes so as to guise their true promotional intentions. If there’s a camera there all the better, but that is not a pre-requisite. I once new a man who, simply because he wore a suit and sat behind a desk, once had to spend three hours with Cher parked on an adjacent futon regaling him with stories about paragliding with Sting in 1987. She only agreed to move on after he swore that he would buy her new album. Horrific stuff.

To that end, hordes of these celebrities will descend upon our screens tonight through the mediums of The Graham Norton Show and The Late Late Show.

Now all of that is perhaps to more accurately describe The Graham Norton Show which, this evening, will be offering forth something of a celebrity medley, a veritable hot pot of fame-lavished tid-bits. It will be broadcasting an end of series highlights episode, showcasing some of the most well-received and easily editable anecdotes offered forth by guests such as Dame Judi Dench, Keira Knightly, Chris Pine, Rami Malek Michael B. Jordan, Olivia Colman and many others.

The Late Late Show as always, has a bit more of a magazine feel to it, flitting between celebrity interviews and more sincere segments. The legendary Irish jockey Ruby Walsh will be on the show alongside his wife Gillian. They will almost certainly be talking about various things to do with horses and horse-racing, I am no Nostradamus, but I predict this to be the case.

Paul Costelloe of ‘making clothes’ fame will also be on the show to discuss his latest collection. There will also be a visit to Temple Street Children’s Hospital, where we will see behind the scenes to hear from children receiving life-saving treatment, Ryan will also talk to some of the staff, including doctors and nurses who do such amazing work there.

There will also be a Late Late Show Antiques Roadshow feature, where members of the public will be tasked with parading around some treasured family antiques for the perusal and judgement of Ryan Tubridy and, presumably, a motley crew of antiques experts.

The Late Late Show will be shown on RTÉ One at 9:35pm.
The Graham Norton Show will air at 11:05pm.

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