Love Island Ireland Might Be Happening Sooner Than You Think

Love Island might not be back for another nine months but we’re sweating over the possibility of an Éire Love Island.

According to the Irish Daily Star, Virgin Media Boss Bill Malone revealed that he has been speaking to a production company about setting up an Irish version of the hit show. All Malone could say was: “It has been rumoured about an Irish Love Island and it has been discussed. I can say no more.”

Ireland’s Got Talent and Living With Lucy host Lucy Kennedy is allegedly the frontrunner to star as the Caroline Flack of the series.

While most of us might pass on the idea of seeing a Tallafornia 2.0, let’s hope this series includes Irish people from all over the country. If you’re searching for Irish talent, check out the newest series of Big Brother which will include a farmer from Tipperary.