Netflix Release Chilling Trailer For New ‘Gone Girl’ Style Series

If you’re still reeling from the shock of The Haunting of Hill House, prepare yourself for this Christmas cracker.

Starring Penn Badgley, otherwise known as Dan from Gossip Girl, and Elizabeth Lail, You is a dark psychological thriller based on an obsessive relationship between bookstore manager Joe and aspiring writer Beck. Obsessed with Beck, Joe dangerously tries to improve Beck’s life and ends up becoming her stalker. Plot twist: the story is told from the perspective of Joe and not Beck.

While it might sound like fan fiction of 50 Shades of Grey, the show, based on the book of the same title, has already received 90% on Rotten Tomatoes for its gripping pace and uncomfortable tone.

The show has been critically and commercially acclaimed with critics and audiences referring to it as a mix of Gone Girl and American Psycho:

Invoking the best qualities of David Fincher’s Gone Girl and Mary Harron’s adaptation of American Psycho. […] While we’re thoroughly embedded in Joe’s point of view from the beginning, the writing and Badgley’s performance do just enough to ensure that it’s not a comfortable experience, even as we get to know him more and more – Indiewire.

Originally airing in the States, You is moving to Netflix and will be available to stream internationally. The second season is in the works which means every season from here on out will be available to stream on Netflix.

If you’re anxious about online dating, your personal details being hacked and meeting strangers then you might want to skip this:

If you need a break from all things Christmas, the first season of You will be available to stream on December 26.

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