Pete Davidson Names, Shames, And Kicks Out Mac Miller Joker At His Show

Pete Davidson has been touring around the U.S putting on different comedy shows for hundreds of fans.

The latest one saw a very awkward silence in the midst of the show in New Jersey, thanks to some idiot who made a very insensitive joke to Pete’s Ex’s, (Ariana Grande) late Ex, Mac Miller. That’s a mouth full.

Mac Miller passed away of a suspected over-dose last year while Pete was engaged to Ariana Grande.

While performing to the crowd Pete began to tell a story about a friend who died in his apartment, when a member of the audience butted in saying “Mac Miller?”

This didn’t receive a laugh from anyone in the audience, especially not Pete. Pete immediately reacted negatively, and asked for the person who made the comment to leave, and for the audience to name and shame him.

“Oh Jesus Christ, who’s that guy, we’re getting him out. I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I will not continue until that kid’s gone.”

Pete demanded that he perpetrator stood up and left, and if he wouldn’t security would be down to escort him out.

Pete goes on to say that he will happily leave himself if the person who made the comment does not leave. He even offers that his tickets is refunded.

“I’ll leave so if you want to try to continue, call out the person who did it and we’ll get him the f*** out. Give him his money back and get him the f**k out… make sure he gets his money back too, because I don’t want his money.”

The audience were very supportive with Pete’s decision, clapping and cheering after the man was escorted out of the arena by security men.

We definitely owe Pete some respect for that move, no matter what beef he has with Ariana.

You can listen to the audio from the show here:

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