The MakeUpFairy Discusses Being Targeted By Trolls On Tonight’s Vogue: Trial By Social Media

Vogue’s documentary series continues this week after episodes on monogamy and becoming an influencer received praise and criticism online.

This week Vogue Williams will discuss ‘Trial By Social Media’.  Over the last ten years, the growing trend of criticising people online has resulted in significant ramifications in their real lives with careers ended after being publicly shamed on social media.

Included in this week’s episode is makeup artist Joanna Larby, who is known online as the MakeUpFairy.

In a clip released to the public, Vogue sits down to have an open conversation with Joanna, Joanna reveals to Vogue that some of the messages she has received from online trolls included comments about her physical appearance and messages like “I really hope you die”.

Vogue: Trial By Social Media will air tonight at 9.30 on RTÉ 2.