WATCH: Person Clinging To The Back Of A Bus Is The Craziest Thing You’ll See Today

So we’ve witnessed some crazy scenes on Dublin Bus over the years, people bringing their farmyard animals on the bus and the likes. This latest video shot from a neighbouring bus is by far the craziest thing we’ve ever seen and also extremely dangerous.

Watch the short video of a person clinging to the back of the bus with the hilarious caption “When you don’t have exact change” here:

I’ve seen it all, there really are no words.  Anyone who is unfortunate enough to be a regular commuter with Dublin Bus will understand the daily frustrations. We have all experienced the frustration of running to get the bus and have it drive off just the second you get to it but what would possess a person to grab on to the back of a bus. Sure the next one comes along in 20 minutes.

What puzzles me among many things about this video is where did this person have to be in such a hurry?! We can see from the video the person in question has a backpack on. Is this a student desperate to get to college to keep a clean attendance record? Or maybe it’s some James Bond-inspired escape.

Either way, I need to know what would possess a person to grab on to the back of a bus. Mystery person on the back of a bus please reveal yourself.