There’s A Peaky Blinders Ball Happening In Dublin!

This is the part of the article, the beginning, whereby if I were a Peaky Blinders fan – or indeed, had at any point watched even an episode of the show – I would begin with some pithy allusion to the show. Unfortunately however, Peaky Blinders and I have never crossed paths, and so we must content ourselves with this paltry excuse for an opening paragraph. I’ll be the first to admit it’s less than ideal – I might even go so far as to say it’s an unmitigated failure – but I hope that we can salvage things from here.

If you do happen to be a fan of the television show that has single-handedly revitalised the flat-cap industry then I’m sure you will be nothing short of brimming to the gills with joy at the news that there is a Peaky Blinders ball which you, yes you, can get tickets for.

From what I understand about Peaky Blinders, hosting a ball themed around the show will involve a party where you run a significantly higher than normal risk of being shanked by a man who – despite being impeccably dressed, has a very sizeable mean-streak – and of contracting the Spanish flu. If that doesn’t dissuade you then you ought consider attending.

The ball will be hosted in Sam’s Bar on Dawson Street on the 25 January and tickets will cost €15 and all of the proceeds will be going to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. As part of this whole shindig – which I feel I should, for legal reasons point out that absolutely entails none of the risks I’ve alluded to above – there will in fact be, in lieu of Spanish flu, a large raffle as well as complimentary glasses of champagne. There will also be music provided by a man who inexplicably, wakes up, looks in the mirror and is comfortable referring to themselves as DJ GUV.

If your fancy has been tickled by this proposition then click the shit out of this link here.