Watch: Cardi B’s Carpool Karoake Is The Funniest And Most Geniune Yet

While most of us never watch The James Corden Show, the Carpool Karaoke segment is almost sure to go viral.

This week Corden is joined by hip-hop overnight sensation Cardi B and fans are calling it one of the funniest yet.

At one stage during the carpool, the rapper and Corden pull up beside a playground and Cardi hilariously tells school kids to buy her single or they’re not getting “no Christmas gifts”. As well as learning how to drive, the rapper takes a breather to dance with pensioners.

If anything, Cardi’s carpool will remind fans of their love for the rapper and help to silence her critics. Recently Cardi hit headlines over a feud with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj and her on and off relationship with Offset.

Like her or not, there’s no denying Cardi’s still got it:

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