WATCH: First Dates Ireland Couple Confirm Engagement With Adorable Proposal Video

The producers of First Dates Ireland are currently no doubt, popping champagne (/reasonably-priced supermarket prosecco) in their ivory tower (/production rooms in whatever multi-purpose office building they operate from), for they have fulfilled their raison d’etre, they have engineered true love. Yes, like some romance-crazed Dr. Frankenstein, they have brought to life a true, loving relationship as a couple from First Dates Ireland have announced their engagement.

Shannon and Ciara, who met on the show last year uploaded a video of Shannon proposing to Ciara.

She made the proposal while standing on stage, before getting down on one knee and, when the proposal was accepted, the DJ for the evening – a DJ who evidently has a keen eye for aptly scoring an occasion – decided to play Maniac 2000.

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