Watch: Irish Singer Writes Beautiful But Hilarious Song About Hinching

In the last two months, the online world has become obsessed with one Instagram account – @mrshinchhome.

Over the course of two weeks, the cleaning account has amassed over a million followers. The Essex native Sophie Hinchcliffe, who regularly names her cleaning products and gives them an accompanying song, is known for her fresh take on cleaning your home and regularly calls herself ‘cleaning mad’.

The account grew as fans became obsessed with Sophie’s ‘barg’ recommendations and shops instantly began  to sell out of products like zoflora, Minky clothes, and the Pink Stuff – the most elusive of the lot. It’s become such a phenomenon that people are referring to cleaning their homes as ‘hinching’.

When the phenomenon reached Irish shores the singer-songwriter Maria Greenan, known for her beautiful but hilarious takes on modern life, had to create a song about the cleaning craze sweeping the nation. All the best:

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