Watch: Miriam O’Callaghan Caught Awkwardly Wandering Around Background Of Prime-Time

If I were to ask you, right here, right now, what your ultimate nightmare would be, I’m sure you would have a range of answers at the ready.

“Probably that one where all my teeth turn into bees and then I try to call the emergency services on a landline, but all landlines have also been turned into yet more bees.”

“Or maybe the one where I go on a kayaking holiday with the surviving members of Boyzone but get splashed with water on the first morning in such a way that it looks like I’ve urinated on myself and they all make fun of me for this and each night when we arrive at our pre-booked hostelry all of the surviving members of Boyzone make jokes about hoping that none of them has to sleep under me if I get top bunk even though it was made very clear when they agreed to let me come on the trip that I would have to sleep outdoors in a small pop-up tent.”

“Or perhaps it’s the one where all of the world’s dogs have their faces replaced with the face of Jeremy Clarkson – and I don’t just mean that all dogs are born with the face of Jeremy Clarkson, or that one day all of their faces suddenly change or something, I’m talking about it being government policy to surgically replace every dog’s face with a bio-engineered copy of Jeremy Clarkson’s.”

While, yes those are evidently all awful and you clearly have an impressive suite of deep-rooted psychological issues, they pale in comparison to one universal fear – humiliation on live national television.

Well, unfortunately for RTÉ stalwart Miriam O’Callaghan, she flirted close to this last night when she accidentally wandered into the background of co-presenter David McCullagh’s shot on Prime Time.

She instantly recognised her mistake and, having just entered the screen, seemed to instantly freeze before mustering all her presenting nous and experience to slowly and deftly glide back out of frame.