Watch: The Latest Stephen King Adaptation Looks Bone-Chillingly Scary

Growing up we all know the horror of losing a family pet but what happens when that pet is buried beside an Indian burial ground? A very strange and unsettling experience is what.

Based on the book released in 1983, Pet Sematary will tell the tale of a family moving to rural Maine, a place where most of King’s work is set. After stepping out into a busy highway, the family cat dies and causes a chain of reactions which leads to the stories chilling climax.

Starring John Lithgow, Jason Clarke, and Amy Seimetz, PS could rival the success of this years horror blockbusters Hereditary and A Quiet Place.

Like IT, PS will be a remake of the ’89 commercially successful classic which King made a cameo in. Other Stephen King adaptions in the last year include Gerald’s Game, based on a short story, and 1922 – both released on Netflix.

Watch the full trailer below and be warned, it’s creepy as hell:

Pet Semetary will be released in April 2019.