Why Everyone Is Talking About The Priest On Last Night’s Nationwide

In last night’s episode of RTE’s Nationwide, Colm Flynn spent the day with an Irish seminarian based in New York, Niall Mc Donnagh. Niall tells the story of his journey into the priesthood and the internet has gone into meltdown.

Why is everyone talking about the Priest Last Night’s Nationwide? See for yourselves watch the short video below just look at how good looking this young priest is!


We are all guilty of building a stereotype in our minds of what a priest should look like, middle-aged and grey.


So you can imagine the shock to see an Irish priest that is so far away from the stereotype perception of priests.

The women of Ireland have also taken to Twitter to share their reactions of the priest from last nights Nationwide.

Niall Mc Donagh, originally from Galway City, was working as a teacher in Dublin. After tragic events of losing a brother and cousin to suicide, he decided to move to New York to study priesthood and dedicated his life to helping the poor an disadvantaged.


His cousin who died in 2013 was Galway hurler Niall Donohue. The now priest Niall McDonagh gave a touching Eulogy urging people to talk about their worries. His dramatic change in direction of career based on his own life events and dedication to helping those less fortunate is very admirable.

Niall, we applaud you, keep up the good work.

You can watch this episode and lust over the unobtainable, hot priest on RTEPlayer.

With men like this in the priesthood, its time the Catholic Church’s reviewed its stance on celibacy.