Woman Becomes Engaged To A Ghost After Sleeping With Around 20 Spirits

They say that there is somebody out there for everyone; that there is someone out there who, when you are with them, will suddenly make it feel as if everything in the world makes sense. Someone out there who you are simply meant to be with, who you suddenly feel confident and comfortable speaking of ‘us’ and ‘we’, rather than just ‘I’ and ‘me’, as you feel a part of one another.

Unfortunately however it statistically stands to reason that for a significant number of people this person historically preceded them and is presumably long-since dead. As such they must either content themselves with whatever contemporary schmuck they’re able to find that’s vaguely tolerable to them – or, they ought do the only truly reasonable thing in this situation, which is to commune with the spirit world so as to form into a committed and monogamous relationship with a ghost.

This is very much the path that has been forged by Amethyst Realm – a woman evidently entirely comfortable facing the question, “…I’m sorry could you repeat that?” every time she says her name. She has claimed, in an interview on ITV’s This Morning, that she had been dating a particular ghost for nine months. Before she’d fallen into this relationship however, she wasn’t going to be taken for a fool and settle for the first ghost she came across – I mean, once you’ve fundamentally shifted your entire perception of reality to accept the existence of ghosts, you’re going to want to see what they’re about.

She describes how she has slept with around twenty ghosts, with her first being while she was engaged to a living, actual, meat-based fiancé. Now, people break up for all sorts of reasons, however I think there are few ‘We’ve got to talk’ pills that’d be harder to swallow than being told that your relationship, wherein you’ve ostensibly pledged to marry one another, has come to an end because your fiancée has found themselves to be more sexually fulfilled by a poltergeist, or, if you don’t believe in such things, by absolutely nothing. That is a true kick in the teeth.

And it appears that ghosts do not like to wait around when it comes to romance, as she has revealed that the ghost she has been in a relationship with for nine months has proposed to her. The proposal apparently happened during a trip they took together to a cave complex in England – let it not be said that this phantasm does not possess a sense of the romantic. For the moment itself she stated, “There was no going down on one knee – he doesn’t have knees.” This raises some pretty pertinent questions about the physiology of this ghost. It seems that it is more one of the floaty type of spooky bedsheet ghosts rather than the creepy and realistic Victorian style ones which have typically, have knees. This is helpful to know. It is helpful for us to imagine this.

The interview itself is worth checking out and features a very captivating discussion about whether it’s possible for a person to be impregnated by a ghost. There is a ludicrous amount of credence given to this as a possibility by Eamon Holmes.