Quiz: How Will You Fare In Our Incredibly Difficult Classic Bands Quiz

Most people think they know the meaning of the phrase ‘a difficult test’. The Leaving Cert, your college finals, a holiday with too many distant relatives in a mobile home that looked far more spacious when you saw it on the brochure – all of these are put forward as difficult tests that you may have to negotiate throughout your life. But those experiences pale in comparison to the absolute maelstrom of quiz that you’ve got coming your way.

You may think you know a lot about rock through the ages. You may consider yourself something of a, dare I say – yes, after a quick Google search on how to spell it, I dare – aficianado of all things rock. The name ‘Elvis Presley’ or ‘The Beatles’ may ring some distant bells in your mind, and kudos, I don’t want to take anything away from that. Just beware that you are about to have any assumptions you may have held about your own competence rocked to their very core.